Top Reasons Why To Invest In High-Quality UX And Increase Your ROI

By December 1, 2020 February 2nd, 2021 News
Top Reasons Why To Invest In High-Quality UX And Increase Your ROI

For most businesses, having the right answer to the client’s problems is the key to success. The most thriving businesses in the world today are applying UI/UX to lead clients into viewing their services or products as, not just the right, but also the easy solution to their problem. Despite these companies’ success, many executives are still reluctant to invest in high-quality UX design and increase their ROI and their reluctance is understandable.

On the surface, spending on improving user experience may seem useless. You may think that you can invest in other aspects of your business, like marketing or research. While those departments still need your attention, the fair amount of understanding and data may influence you and your stockholders to invest in enhancing the overall experience of your customers whenever they digitally engage with your product or brand.

The End-Goals of UI/UX Design

Whether it’s about developing up your brand’s user experience from scratch or redesigning your platform, UX design essentially has four end-goals.

Usability – Ease of navigation and platform discoverability
Consistency – Within interactions and design
Workflow – Efficiency of user flow and interaction design
Brand – Amount of confidence and perception of quality that users have with your brand.

User Experience from Your Customers’ Perspective

When we study user experience from your customers’ perspective, we find three desirable customer satisfaction levels. You can meet your customers’ needs by giving them what they expect.

You can step up one level and exceed their needs, and start gaining your customers’ trust and loyalty. You can then influence their expectations like Google did when it exceeded customers’ expectations by earning loyalty through the trusted search bar “I’m feeling lucky”.

That trust created the foundation for Google to start influencing the customers’ expectations, and that’s the major reason Google was prepared to launch new products such as Google Sheets and, later, the Android phone.

The benefits of UX design

The advantages of UX design are more visible on a long term basis. Spend time reviewing the recent insights experts have given about the ROI of UX design, and you’ll see that UX design can help your brand to boost conversion rates, save money, earn money, and significantly grow the consumer-brand relationship.

In fact, neglecting the UX design process can lead your company to lose money in the long run. A stat shows that 50% of a developer’s salary will be spent fixing errors that a UX design process would have identified.

Research reveals that companies refusing to invest in high-quality UX design in today’s market are expected to be surpassed by their competitors.

High-Quality UX Increases Sales

Let’s assume that you’ve created an online shop where customers can purchase handmade crafts. Unfortunately, the payment section of your site is misleading and complicated for visitors to navigate.

Ultimately a quarter of your visitors interested in making a purchase end up frustrated and leave your site, abandoning their purchase. According to this study, around 27% of US online users have abandoned an order due to a “too long or complicated checkout process.”

Those losses can really add up over a lengthy period of time. It’s essential that your customers enjoy their experience because an optimized interface can lead to a 35.26% boost in sales conversions.

When examined, every dollar invested in UX can bring between $2-$100 in return, according to a study by Forrester.

High-Quality UX Increases Conversions

The ROI of UX doesn’t apply only to measurements in sales. Conversation rates can be profoundly influenced by UX design quality, such as the decrease in the number of calls to customer support or the number of subscribers to the company newsletter, for instance.

Depending on your business website’s call to action (CTA), UX can drive more people to that section on your website. Basecamp found when they A/B tested different UX, they had different outcomes. Your business website doesn’t have to use strong UX to drive sales because investing in UX also improves branding and promotional opportunities.

High-Quality UX Improves the Business-Consumer Relationship

A user-intuitive interface indicates that visitors don’t need to allocate any time to understand your platform. As a result, your business drastically reduces any extra costs in user training and adoption. Let’s assume that Airbnb or Yelp could suffer from a poor UX that needed users to operate the site. After a few seconds, visitors would leave in search of a competitor with a more user-intuitive interface.

A smart, straightforward interface that meets customer requirements is decisive as 70% of projects crash due to lack of user acceptance.

High-Quality UX Helps Keep The Focus on Your Customer Base

UX design establishes the face of the brand and emphasizes business goals by focusing the users’ attention on the essential information. Now a business can concentrate more on its consumer base and content marketing rather than fixing and revising errors in its UX design.

Not to mention, a high-quality UX will also determine both a website’s sitemap and page structure, leading to further developments in UX structure down the line.

What is the ROI of High-Quality UX Design?

In today’s digital world, one candid review or social media comment can directly affect a company’s reputation as well as the quality of its business-consumer relationship. As a result, an outstanding user experience (UX) is an indispensable part of any strong platform or website.

Luckily, the steady stream of consumer feedback gives transparency to businesses determining consumer expectations. Therefore, many businesses have been able to build a quality UX design that presents a seamless digital experience for their customers.

However, many companies have refused to accept UX design as a necessary investment. High-quality UX design does need a considerable amount of investment in money, time, and research. Not to mention, there is still some uncertainty on the ROI of UX design because profit is not usually immediately noticeable.

Bottom Line

UX is not just about producing designs that work. Unavoidably, the result of investing in user experiences is the enhancement of credibility with your customers. When a business cares about its consumers, it increases customer loyalty, which then encourages word-of-mouth referrals. If you are convinced that high-quality UX can increase your ROI but don’t know where to start your investment, we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us!