Top 5 Most Downloaded Apps in 2019

By December 1, 2019 June 17th, 2023 Mobile

Can you take a guess at what has made smartphones as popular as they are today? If you said, the monumental rise of social media or the increasingly larger number of apps that are released every year, you’d be correct in both instances. 

In fact, it might be fair to say that the success of smartphones is due to them being a part of an opportune feedback loop i.e. smartphones were made a popular choice for users by the many mobile apps they can run, and, in turn, many mobile apps were made popular by smartphones. 

However, a great number of apps run perfectly well on desktop and tablets too, which only speaks of their great functionality and versatility. It also testifies to their demand and application.

Most outstanding apps of 2019?

App development has undeniably become a great way to make money since people love and even started to expect the kinds of conveniences they deliver with such ease and diversity. 

But it’d be too simplistic and a bit cynical to pigeonhole app developers as a bunch of individuals who are in it only for the monetary gains. 

Not convinced about that? Think about the millions of people who are average users, meaning they know nothing of app development at all, who obviously still consider that the apps bring enough value to their day-to-day for them to download them in such large numbers. 

So if you are interested in developing the next popular app or you are simply curious to see what the rest of the world was into this year, check out the top 5 most downloaded apps in 2019:

1. Facebook

Currently, Facebook sits at the top since it is the social networking website and app with the most users in the world. The incredible demand for the app has made it possible for it to be available on all significant platforms, among which are Android and iOS, of course.

The popularity of this particular app is something that has yet to be matched in the sense that no other app has managed, so far, to consistently draw in the largest number of users in various countries across the globe. 

2. WhatsApp

It is one of the most downloaded apps out there, and a possible reason behind the massive interest in it might be the fact that it makes it possible for communication to take place between international phone networks. 

And in an age in which boundaries and distances are phased out more and more as a consequence of globalization, an app like WhatsApp is just the thing to have handy.

The app allows you to keep in touch with those you care about in a simple manner, either by video, audio or text messaging. And if you’re connected to the Internet, you’re basically using it for free. 

3. Instagram

If there’s an app that’s been stealing the spotlight from Facebook in recent times, anyone who’s been on social media platforms, even just for a bit, would probably agree that it’s none other than Instagram. 

The app has gained worldwide recognition and reputation due to the fact that it facilitates high-quality photo sharing. 

Additionally, it offers users peculiar features such as fun filters and the cool square picture image format we’ve all grown so accustomed to on our feeds. 

The app’s skyrocketing success is to be even more appreciated if you keep in mind the fact that it only works on mobile, with no web variant to support it. 

4. Uber 

Standing its ground among the many social media-related apps is Uber, the most downloaded ride-hailing app. Because of its convenience and ease of access, it established itself as quite the competition in the face of more traditional public transportation options. 

The app is simple to manage and your mobile device only needs to be GPS-enabled for you to be able to use it. 

5. Facebook Messenger

This app is something that Facebook initially provided to its users almost as a bonus, yet because of its accessibility, the messenger chat has rapidly become just as popular as the platform itself. 

This is no small accomplishment and it offers quite the insights into what users want out of a messaging app nowadays.

Other worthy mentions are apps such as Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube and Netflix, each of these being downloaded by millions upon millions of users in a single year. 

So, there they are. The apps that were all the rage in 2019. 

Now that you know about what has made users tick, maybe you’ll get inspired enough to put out the next thrilling idea. Perhaps a new social media app? One look at the list above will tell you the trend is not going anywhere any time soon. 

Or maybe you’ve noticed a lack of apps focusing on some practical aspects of your daily routine and would want to change that for the better. Do it! More likely than not, there are others who are ready to welcome such an app into their lives.

And if you want a bit of guidance regarding app development, you can count us in!