Top 5 Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers in 2024

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According to a report by Repricer, about 27% of online retailers today primarily use dropshipping to fulfill customers’ orders. Dropshipping is a popular and profitable way to sell on Amazon without having to deal with inventory, warehousing, or fulfillment. However, finding reliable and high-quality Amazon dropshipping suppliers can be a challenge, especially when you have to comply with Amazon’s strict dropshipping policy.

In this article, we will first discuss dropshipping, then we will introduce the criteria for selecting the best Amazon dropshipping suppliers, such as product quality, pricing, shipping, customer service, etc. Then, we will list and describe the top 5 Amazon dropshipping suppliers in 2024, based on the web search results. 

What is dropshipping and how does it work?

Dropshipping is a way of selling things online without having to keep them in your place. You find a supplier who has the things you want to sell and you list them on your online store. When someone buys something from you, you tell the supplier and they send it to the customer for you. You don’t have to worry about storing, packing, or shipping the things you sell. You just pay the supplier for the things you sell and keep the difference as your profit.

Here is an example of how dropshipping works:

  • You want to sell books online, but you don’t have any books or a place to keep them.
  • You find a supplier who has a lot of books and can ship them to customers for you. You agree on the prices and the shipping fees with the supplier.
  • You create an online store and list the books you want to sell. You set your prices and add some details and pictures of the books.
  • A customer visits your online store and likes one of the books. They place an order and pay you for the book and the shipping fee.
  • You receive the order and the payment. You forward the order details and the shipping fee to the supplier.
  • The supplier packs and ships the book to the customer. They send you a tracking number and a confirmation.
  • The customer receives the book and is happy with it. You keep the difference between the price you charged the customer and the price you paid the supplier as your profit.

How dropshipping works


Dropshipping is a simple and low-risk way to start an online business. You don’t need a lot of money, space, or inventory to sell things online. You just need to find a good supplier, a good online store, and a good marketing strategy. 

Why Choose Amazon for Dropshipping?

 Some of the reasons why Amazon is a good platform for dropshipping are:

  • Amazon has a large and loyal customer base. Millions of people shop on Amazon every day, looking for a variety of products and services. You can reach a lot of potential buyers by listing your products on Amazon.
  • Amazon is a trusted and reputable brand. Customers trust Amazon to provide them with quality products, fast delivery, and excellent customer service. You can benefit from Amazon’s reputation and credibility by selling on its platform.
  • Amazon has a powerful search engine and marketing tools. Amazon helps you attract customers with its search engine optimization, product recommendations, and customer reviews. You can also use Amazon’s advertising and promotion tools to boost your sales and visibility.
  • Amazon has a flexible and easy-to-use seller interface. You can create and manage your product listings, orders, inventory, and payments using Amazon’s Seller Central dashboard. You can also integrate your dropshipping supplier with Amazon’s fulfillment network using third-party tools and services.

Benefits and Challenges of Dropshipping on Amazon

Dropshipping on Amazon has some benefits and challenges. Here are some of them:


  • You don’t need a lot of money to start. You don’t have to buy or store the things you sell, so you save on costs and space.
  • You can sell a variety of things. You can choose from many suppliers and products that match your niche and audience.
  • You can reach a lot of customers. Amazon is one of the world’s biggest and most popular online marketplaces. Millions of people shop on Amazon every day.
  • You don’t need to do a lot of marketing. Amazon helps you attract customers with its search engine, recommendations, and reviews. You also benefit from Amazon’s trust and reputation.


  • You have less control over the quality and delivery of the things you sell. You depend on the supplier to provide good products and ship them on time. If something goes wrong, you have to deal with unhappy customers and negative feedback.
  • You have to follow Amazon’s rules and policies. Amazon has strict requirements and guidelines for dropshipping. You have to make sure you are the seller of record, identify yourself as the seller, accept responsibility for returns, and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • You have to pay fees and commissions to Amazon. Amazon charges you a fee for each item you sell, plus a monthly subscription fee if you choose the Professional plan. You also have to pay a commission to the supplier for each item you buy from them.
  • Amazon can hold you hostage of your funds for a while even after they sell your products.  Your cash flow (i.e. marketing) can be in jeopardy depending on what Amazon decides to do.
  • You have a lot of competition. Many other sellers are dropshipping on Amazon, so you have to compete for customers and prices. You also have to compete for the Buy Box, which is the section on the product page where customers can add the item to their cart. The Buy Box is usually given to the seller with the best price, availability, and customer service.

Top 5 Dropshipping Suppliers for Amazon in 2024

Before we dive into the details of the top 5  Amazon dropshipping suppliers, let’s first review the criteria that we used to evaluate them. These criteria are based on Amazon’s dropshipping policy, which states that:

Amazon dropshipping policy

We looked online for the best Amazon dropshipping suppliers in 2024 and this is what we found:


SaleHoo is one of the most popular and reputable Amazon dropshipping suppliers. It is a directory of over 8,000 verified wholesalers and drop-shippers that offer more than 2.5 million products in various categories and niches.

SaleHoo has a simple and affordable pricing plan that allows you to access its directory and other features for a one-time payment of $127 for lifetime access or a yearly payment of $67. You can also use its dropshipping automation software, SaleHoo Dropship, for $27 or $97 per month, depending on your chosen plan. SaleHoo Dropship allows you to import products from SaleHoo’s suppliers directly to your Amazon store and automate the order fulfillment process.

It has a big list of products from many sellers that you can choose from. You can pay once or every year to use its service. You can also use its software to make dropshipping easier. It ships fast and securely and helps you with any issues. It has good reviews from other Amazon sellers. 

Pros of choosing SaleHoo Cons of choosingSaleHoo
  • It has many products and sellers;
  • It has a low and clear price;
  • It is easy to use and import products;
  • It has helpful software and support; and
  • It has a good reputation.
  • It does not have its packaging or invoices;
  • It does not deal with returns or refunds; and
  • It does not have a free plan or trial.

Inventory Source

Inventory Source is a comprehensive solution for Amazon dropshipping, offering a free directory of over 4,000 wholesale suppliers across various niches. It offers three pricing plans: a free directory account, an inventory automation plan ($99 per month), and a full automation plan ($199 per month).

The platform ensures fast, reliable shipping options, and allows tracking of orders through dashboards or supplier websites. Customers can also access a helpful customer support team, online knowledge base, blog, and webinars, and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Pros of choosing Inventory Source Cons of Choosing Inventory Source
  • It has many products and sellers;
  • It has a free and easy supplier directory;
  • It has helpful software and a dashboard; and
  • It has good support and feedback.
  • It does not have its packaging or invoices;
  • It does not deal with returns or refunds; and
  • It has a high monthly price. 


BrandsGateway is a premium dropshipping supplier for Amazon, offering over 100 luxury brands’ clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. Its pricing plan is transparent, with monthly fees of $99 or yearly fees of $799.

Users can also use its dropshipping automation software, BrandsGateway Dropship, for an additional $29 per month. DHL Express is its main shipping partner, and orders are delivered within 2-5 business days. BrandsGateway offers a professional customer support team and a 14-day return policy.

Pros of BrandsGateway Cons of BrandsGateway
  • It sells quality branded products;
  • It has a low and transparent pricing;
  • It has supporting software and service; and
  • It has good support and feedback.
  • It has no packaging or invoice;
  • It has a high monthly price; and
  • It sells few niche products. 


Spocket is an Amazon dropshipping platform that connects users with thousands of verified suppliers across the US, Europe, Canada, and Asia. It offers four pricing plans: free, starter, pro, and empire.

The free plan allows access to 25 products, while the starter plan offers 250 products, real-time inventory updates, branded invoicing, and branded invoicing. The pro plan offers 1,000 products, premium chat support, exclusive deals, and a dedicated account executive.

Spocket’s shipping and delivery times are fast and reliable, with orders typically arriving within 2-14 business days. Its customer support team is available via email, chat, and phone.

Advantages of Spocket Disadvantages of Spocket
  • Many products and sellers;
  • It has a low and flexible prices;
  • It has a new and easy platform; and
  • It has fast and friendly support. 
  • No packaging or invoices;
  • It does not deal with returns or refunds; and
  • It sells a few niche products. 


BigBuy is a dropshipping supplier that works with Amazon and other online channels. It offers a wide range of products from different categories, such as home and garden, perfumes and cosmetics, computers and electronics, and sports products.

It has warehouses in Europe and ships fast and reliably to many countries. It also has a multi-channel integration platform that helps you manage your e-commerce and marketplaces easily. BigBuy has been operating for nearly 10 years and has a good reputation and feedback from other online sellers.

Benefits of using BigBuy Drawbacks of using BigBuy
  • Has many products and sellers;
  • It has a low transparent pricing;
  • It has helpful software and service; and
  • It has good support and feedback.
  • Doesn’t offer packaging or invoice facility;
  • It has a high monthly price; and
  • It sells few niche products.

How to start dropshipping with these Top 5 Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers in 2024?

start dropshipping business

To sign up and start dropshipping with any of the above 5 Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers, you have to follow these steps:

  • 84% of eCommerce retailers cite that the biggest barrier to starting their dropshipping business is securing a good supplier. So, do proper research and choose any of the Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers.
  • Visit their official website and click on the “Join Now” button;
  • Choose the pricing plan that suits your needs and budget and enter your payment details;
  • Create your account and log in to the dashboard;
  • Browse or search for products that you want to sell on Amazon and add them to your watchlist;
  • Contact the suppliers that offer the products that you want to sell and negotiate the terms and conditions;
  • Import the products from your watchlist to your Amazon store using the Dropshipping Suppliers’ dashboard;
  • Start selling and fulfilling your orders using the dashboard.
  • Always do quality control.  As your sales increase always ship products periodically to yourself to test.


Dropshipping is when you sell products online without purchasing or shipping them yourself. You can sell products from your website, Amazon, or social media. Amazon is good for dropshipping, as it has many customers and a good name. But dropshipping on Amazon is also hard, as you need to find good sellers, keep track of products and orders, and beat other dropshippers.

Therefore, you need to do your homework and plan well before you start dropshipping on Amazon. In this article, we have told you about the top 5 dropshipping sellers for Amazon in 2024: SaleHoo, Inventory Source, BrandsGateway, Spocket, and BigBuy. These sellers have different products, services, and features that can help you do well in dropshipping on Amazon.

We have also told you how to start dropshipping with these sellers in easy steps. We hope this article has helped you learn what dropshipping is, how it works, and how to start dropshipping on Amazon in 2024.




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