Steps to Build a Strong SEO Strategy for Your Business

By September 1, 2019 February 2nd, 2021 Tech

Any shortcut, any trick, any tip that promises to help your business grow has probably got your interest enough to make you click on articles after articles, devouring the latest news about how to use the online space to better promote your business. 

Why all this curiosity about ways to boost your business in the online medium? Simply put because this way is here to stay. 

In today’s world, everything seems to have been moved to the online medium or if not entirely moved, then given an online counterpart. 

And then, chances are that it is in this counterpart that businessmen and smart entrepreneurs decide to pour a big chunk of their resources into. Why? It’s pretty easy to figure out – a ROI directly proportional to the increase in your business’ visibility. 

Your mind is probably already going places, isn’t it? More visitors, more leads, more customers. 

Easy, right? Well, yes and no, as it is the case with many things. 

Easy because indeed that is the sequence of events that leads to your company thriving in the online medium. 

Not so easy because of the amount of time, effort and relentless dedication that such an initiative needs to turn successful. 

Is SEO really a thing?

Under these circumstances, it is only natural for entrepreneurs everywhere to wonder if perhaps there exists a recipe for profit that they have yet to find and apply. Or more high-reaching businessmen might challenge themselves to piece together a strategy they believe to be solid enough to bring others the prosperity and growth they are looking for. 

Whichever the case, because we live in a highly interconnected world and we rely on the online space so much SEO is a big part of the process. 

But regardless of its definition as a concept SEO can practically mean different things to different individuals. 

The good news, however, is that it isn’t something that needs unanimous agreement for people to engage with it. 

On the contrary, it encourages quite a bit of experimentation and continuous probing for it to deliver visible results. And make no mistake that even with all the data right in front of you, the best you can do is still to only make predictions about what will work and what will not. 

How can you build a SEO strategy for your business?

So, if it’s a bit more than a game of chance, why do it at all you might ask. 

Basically, because having order and structure generally guarantees more chances for achievement than not having a plan at all. 

That’s what those who say they do SEO actually do – they come up with a plan meant to not only inform but also hold accountable their next moves in terms of traffic to their website, ranking, and revenue. 

SEO is by no means an exact science which is inconvenient, but it definitely resembles the way most scientific fields work, i.e. it can only deliver the expected results after some trial and error. 

So, we can’t tell you the formula for success, no one can, actually, but we can show where to best start your trial and error journey.   

1. Optimize your website for mobile

People spend a lot of time on their phones so it’d be in your business’ greatest advantage to make it easier for the user to scroll through your page. 

What this means practically is that for better exposure you should structure and organize the content you post on your website with the mobile user in mind. 

2. Speed up your website

This second point completes the first one in regards to working with a more mobile friendly design. 

For this generation of consumers that is constantly presented with so many choices, the website that loads the fastest is the one that manages to hold the user’s attention. 

Everything taking longer than that will be abandoned on the spot. 

So, if there’s something you should absolutely invest in is making it a must to improve the speed of your website since that puts you at a considerable distance as compared to your more sluggish competitors.

3. Create composite content

What do we mean by composite content? Well, briefly, content that carries value for your website visitors. 

But that’s just the tricky thing, isn’t it? Establishing what qualifies as valuable. 

This can be quite difficult to determine especially when you lack essential information about your audience. 

Therefore, that’s where your attempt at putting together content should start – in determining the specifics of your audience’s interests. 

Based on what you can extract from your particularized research, you can then figure out the specifics of what it would be best to deliver and when so that you can take measurable steps in increasing the chances of having your audience receive just that. 

This isn’t to say that you have to pigeonhole yourself into producing the same kind of content all the time, in fact, that can easily work against you. 

Lucky for you, we know quite a few tricks to help you out with preventing that from happening from a search engine optimization point of view. Reach out to us whenever with your most burning SEO questions and we’ll gladly put our experience at your disposal.