Hiring the Right SEO Firm

Hiring an SEO firm should be at the top of your To Do list. Seriously. You don’t have time to deal with all of the digital marketing components on your own, so why even pretend like you do? When you find the right firm to do the job, then you’re on your way to higher visibility and ultimately more sales.

But first…

You have to figure out what the right firm looks like.

It Takes More Than a Fancy Website

It’s scary, but there are some companies that choose their firm based upon what their website looks like. After all, if they have a great looking website, it makes them experts, right? Wrong. You need to look at the list of services that are being offered so you can ensure they are the right ones for the job.

For example, we offer help with search engine optimization along with PPC, AdWords, and much more. This guarantees that we’re not a one-trick pony and really can help you with your marketing goals.

An SEO Audit is Conducted

If you find a marketing firm that wants to sell you a package right away, stop. Not just stop, but RUN. They haven’t taken the time to figure out what you actually NEED. This is why an online audit has to be conducted. This will help to determine whether you need such things as:

– Link removal

– Backlink building

– Reputation management

– Retargeting

– Content marketing

The list of services can go on and on. However, every company is different. Search engine algorithms are complex and it might be one or two things that are preventing you from being seen in the SERPs. If you have had a lot of bad reviews in the past six months, it could be costing you your rank. If you don’t have any specialized keywords on your site, the search engine spiders don’t even know when you should show up on a results page.

They Have the Stats to Back Them Up

Talk is cheap. Anyone can post statistics on their website. In fact, did you know about 67% of all internet statistics are completely made up? (Bet you don’t know whether this one is made up or not!)

It’s certainly a good idea to see case studies, statistics, and references from a firm. You want to know that they have worked with companies in the past and have been successful with them. However, you also want to be told a story.

Good firms are creative, and that means they know how to tell a story. Listen to them talk about a client and what they did and how they helped and where the company is now. This will tell you more about the firm than any statistic on their website can tell you.

They Show You Where it Really Counts

There’s a lot that you want from a good firm. This includes a better click through rate (CTR) than what you have right now. Particularly on your PPC campaigns, you want people to click through and get to your website. That’s when you wow them with your content and your unique value proposition (you do have those, right?)

Google AdWords is complex and therefore you don’t want just anyone showing you how to do it. You need campaigns that make sense for your business. You also need someone who is going to be mindful of your budget. Additionally, you want to see the statistics and analytics of what’s going on with the AdWords campaigns so you can see what is (and isn’t) working.

Choosing the Firm

Once you hire a firm, you expect to see results. This is a no-brainer. You depend on the firm you choose to live up to their promise. Otherwise, you’re spending money and wasting time. The results you want to see will get you closer to your revenue goals. More revenue means a better bottom line – and that’s ultimately money in your pocket.

Way to put the pressure on us.

Every firm is different. You have to choose a firm that’s going to do what you want and what you need. It all starts with a consultation to learn more about the firm. Don’t depend solely on their website. You have to call and ask questions and take advantage of an online audit. This way, you can find out what their outlook is for your business.

It’s all about customizing to YOU. If your plan isn’t customized, then you might as well save all the money that you would spend and do the work yourself.

Hiring the right firm is an investment into your business and will allow you to reach your goals. This is a decision you don’t want to make too quickly, so do your research. It will pay off in the end.



Dhruv has over 20 years of experience in technology and development, spanning various business sectors. He has worked with several Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, as well as numerous startups in the technology industry. His vision for the company is to become a global lifestyle brand that influences the next generation of marketing, software development, and branding as the internet enters its third evolution cycle and impacts all aspects of life. In his free time, Dhruv enjoys immersing himself in different cultures through travel, as well as fishing, cooking, reading, playing chess, and tennis.