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Ideas for mobile apps and web based businesses have become somewhat frequent, in today’s world of Google Glass wearing, instgramming, online checking, Human. There have been billions if not millions, of ideas which have been put up, and all but some have been able to survive in the rapid current, of this vast digital River!

What really makes an idea into a sustainable product, and raises it above the flood of mediocrity? With the answer is; Insightful knowledge and solid, adoptable strategy. We are a one shop one stop mobile app development company that will give your project a sturdy real-time, real –world implementation process with a Tyson-esque punch that will knock the competition right out ! . The eyeuniversal team looks to clearly understand the ultimate aim and purpose of the project at hand, so that the delivered final product is your idea at core, brought to the optimum best by our development skills.

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Based in San Diego, we are a world-class mobile app design firm. Branding and design is a delicate and a coordinated process that looks to excite, engage, and create. Providing expertise services in brand identity, digital design, and mobile app development for Iphone and Android can be a difficult job for some firms, but not us. Our experience with a variety of creative-driven businesses, industry leaders, and fortune 500 companies, has taught us that the brand and the identity of your business play a big part in its success. With a visionary and creative spark, we create an inspiring and thoughtful brand to last. Our insistence on originality and creativity in bringing your vision for your brand to reality will not only give your business a niche position in the market, and take it to the next level, but achieve great impact on the market as a result.

Fly high with the Eye, in the digital sky, while all your haters point at you and cry!

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Discussion and reviewing is the most fundamental communication technique used by eyeuniversal team. We look to keep you updated with all ongoing progress and give you a peace of mind about the development of your project! In short we are trying to say that the conception of your idea’s inception through our reception of your perception, developed and implemented to absolute perfection without exception, or misconception, is our main goal!!

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The Prototyping Model is a systems development method (SDM) in which a prototype (an early approximation of a final system or product) is built, tested, and then reworked as necessary until an acceptable prototype is finally achieved from which the complete system or product can be developed. We won’t bore you with all the high tech, intrigued work, and fancy shmanzy words involved. Rest easy in knowing that a dedicated and knowledgeable team of mobile app development experts; will do everything in their power to develop a prototype with specs that match and even outmatch similar products in the market. After strict reviewing and reflection with you, we refine and explore until we reach a perfect and an immaculate product.

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eyeuniversal marketing teams are a talented group marketing veterans, and young driven professionals, who seek perfection. With high caliber dynamic Marketing Campaigns, that takes into consideration the current and future trends, we look to make your product launch an extravaganza of huge scale ,making sure to give you the Edge over you’re competitors.



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